Unity Game Development

I recently started looking into the Unity game engine. This year (my first year) as part of our Computer Science degree we looked extensively at the Java programming language. The really nice thing about Java is how syntactically similar it is to C#.

My only previous game development knowledge is in Actionscript which was used for Flash games. Seeing as Flash is slowly being replaced I figured it’d be better to spend my time coding in something as flexible and comprehensive as Unity.

(Some screenshots of the old Flash game)




The core mechanics of this Flash game are already pretty fleshed out, such as character stats and a working inventory, as well as some crude AI. When I started it I thought I was going to make the next Mount & Blade. Too much ambition can be a bad thing. Many people that get into game development go in thinking they are a triple A company. Though as a future career, game development is not something I want to do, as a side project it is very fun and highly rewarding. It’s very enjoyable to be able to implement solutions that you came up with, and to then see them work in your game.

Over this past week of learning Unity I have progressed quite far. I upload update videos showcasing what I have added to the game. The latest video can be found here.



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