Programming A Perceptron

A perceptron is one of the classifiers used in the field of Machine Learning. It is used for the supervised learning of binary classifiers meaning the algorithm will tell us whether something is part of a class or not. The idea of a perceptron can be based on a biological neuron. When enough “inputs” accumulate to change the potential of the neuron cell above a certain threshold, an action potential occurs which fires a signal (output) down the axon.




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A Treasure Trove of Unfinished Flash Games

Growing up I spent a lot of my secondary school spare time playing flash games. This is what initially got me interested in programming. “How does it all work” I thought to myself. A few TankTrouble games later, and I decided to figure it all out.

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Digital Logic With Source [#2]

In this second tutorial we are going to look at building some useful logic functions (such as a function that will add two binary numbers for us and output the result). We are also going to look at logic implementation in the Hammer Editor.

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